Mercury and venus

Mercury and Venus leaving the old fire station for the last time

Description Edit

Primarily driven by Sam Mercury is a off road vehicle enabling it to be used in situations where other larger vehicles wouldn't be able to reach quickly.

It first appeared in the Series 8 episode "Mandy's Mountain". Since it's debut, Sam was the only one riding Mercury, until Station Officer Steele was seen riding it in The Return of Norman-Man, Elvis in Pizza Pandemonium& Penny in Set For Action!

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Appearances Edit

  • Mandy's Mountain
  • Jupiter on the Loose
  • Boyce will be Boyce
  • The Pontypandyness Monster
  • Disastrous Dilys
  • Lighthouse Lock Out
  • To Outfox a Fox
  • The Pontypandy Polar Bear
  • Wild Cheese Chase
  • Troubled Waters
  • Stage Fright
  • One Way Street
  • Treehouse Trouble
  • The Return of Norman-Man
  • Castles and Kings
  • Pizza Pandemonium
  • Bus Trouble
  • Fox On The Run
  • Spy Games
  • Lost In The Caves
  • Wicker Bear
  • The Treasure of Pontypandy Pete
  • Big Top Norman
  • Cadet Catastrophe
  • Pontypandy Slickers
  • Alien Bug Hunt
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Alien Alert
  • Set For Action!

Episodes Station Officer Steele rode Mercury Edit

  • The Return of Norman-Man

​Episodes Elvis rode Mercury Edit

  • Pizza Pandemonium
  • Big Top Norman

Episodes Penny rode Mercury Edit

  • Set For Action!

Trivia Edit

  • Mercury is parked in the fourth bay of the New Fire Station.
  • This is Sam's second most driven vehicle, the first is Jupiter.
  • In Series 11 Mercury’s headlights are replaced with blue flashing lights
  • Ellie, Arnold, Jerry Lee, and Chief Fire Officer Boyce have yet to ride Mercury.
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