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The Mobile Command Unit In heros of the storm

The Mobile Command Unit was introduced in the feature length special movie Heroes of the Storm.

Description Edit

The Mobile Command Unit is a large vehicle that acts as a temporary base of operations used in large scale incidents, however, it was also used when Pontypandy Fire Station was being rebuilt. It appeared again in the series 10 episodes Pontypandy In The Park and The Treasure Of Pontypandy Pete.

​Basis Edit

The Mobile Command Unit appears to be loosely based on a Los Angeles County Fire Department Incident Command Unit built by Freightliner. 

Trivia Edit

  • This vehicle remains unnamed.
  • It’s based at Newtown Fire Station
  • In real life, this vehicle is used at major incidents where multiple fire engines are required
  • Like Jupiter and Phoenix, it has stabilisation legs to reduce wind sway
  • It shares the same siren as Titan
  • Since Series 11 it now has a Map-screen 700 system yet the Teleprinter remains

Episodes Sam drove The Mobile Command Unit Edit

  • Pontypandy In The Park

Episodes Station Officer Steele drove The Mobile Command Unit Edit

  • Pontypandy In The Park

Appearances Edit

  • Heroes of the Storm
  • The Treasure Of Pontypandy Pete
  • Pontypandy In The Park
  • The Prince In Pontypandy
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