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It is equipped with a heavy lifting arm mainly for animal rescues, but it has been used on different occasions, whether it is either stopping runaway buses or lifting fallen Christmas trees from Bessie's line. It is also used

Pheonix as seen on my profile

when Pontypandy needs its roads to be gritted in icy weather.

​Episodes Ellie drove Phoenix Edit

  • Runaway Horse
  • Ice Hockey Meltdown
  • Alien Alert
  • Wrong Turn Dilys

Episodes Penny drove Phoenix Edit

  • Bus Trouble
  • Dashing Through The Snow
  • Pontypandy Slickers

Episodes Arnold drove Phoenix Edit

  • Big Top Norman

Episodes Sam drove Phoenix Edit

  • N/A (Sticker only)

Trivia Edit

  • Sam, Elvis, Jerry Lee, Station Officer Steele & Chief Fire Officer Boyce have yet to drive Phoenix although Sam has driven Phoenix in pictures.
  • Phoenix is the strongest vehicle at the fire station.
  • Phoenix has a 230hp l6 engine with a 14 speed transmission and can achieve a top speed of 55mph

Phoenix is a multi-purpose animal rescue 4x4. It was first introduced in Series 10.

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